Operations activity and critical assets are generating increasing volumes of potentially useful information.

Unfortunately most of this data remains out of reach when it is needed the most. Data that if available could drive more timely and informed decisions, and proactive response to improve operational efficiency and reduce the risk of critical events impacting the reliability of critical assets.

Today decision makers rely on email, phone calls, and hallway conversations to stay current. But the story quickly changes. Indicators of potential problems are not visible. Opportunities for early intervention are lost.

The stream|vu team is looking to help solve this problem with an intelligent, integrated, and personalized real-time analytics solution that will streamline site-wide operational awareness and enable a data informed response to critical events.


Data Aggregation

stream|vu connects to data sources from across and beyond the organization to form a unified time series data stream; including industrial control systems, IoT devices, environmental sensors, and other relational data sources.

Intelligent Event Filtering

stream|vu performs continuous analytics on the event stream to detect exceptions, trends, and conditions that are relevant and specific to each user based on their role and personal settings.

Interactive Event Streams

stream|vu will push out stream updates to each user in real-time on their mobile device or desktop. Through stream|vu users will at a glance be able to focus on events that are relevant and critical to their role.

Get in Touch

Let’s connect if you find email, month-end pre-canned reports, dashboard snapshots, or the water cooler as useful for many things but not the most reliable or timely way of keeping informed of operations activity.



Stream|vu is being architected using massively scalable secure open source streaming analytics technology with Apache Kafka and Apache Spark as the core components of our data processing pipeline.

The stream|vu event monitoring and operational analytics engine will be extendable to include company specific activity and metrics that can be surfaced through intelligent gathering and analysis of data residing across enterprise data stores.